Unlock the power of military discounts with omnichannel marketing

Our proven military marketing solutions deliver new incremental revenue to your business across all your marketing channels.


Build an exclusive offer to reach the military customer

As a segment with a higher-than-average purchasing power and brand loyalty, the military consumer represents a huge marketing opportunity. Not only does a military discount send a thank you message to military veterans and their families for their service, it’s a powerful tool to drive incremental revenue through new customer acquisition and retention. Offering and promoting a military discount is an effective way to engage the military customer.

Create successful military discounts with Veterans Advantage

Leveraging our strong, trusted relationship with the military community, Veterans Advantage helps you create a trusted military discount designed to build long-term loyalty to your brand. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re effectively reaching the military market with your offers. Join over 300 top brands and leading travel providers with a longstanding track record of creating and marketing a successful military offer with Veterans Advantage.



  •  Create a successful military offer
  •  Implement targeted email campaigns
  •  Build dedicated landing pages
  •  Generate engaging copy and creative
  •  Optimize military content for SEO
  •  Produce viral social media
  •  Design effective print & direct mail
  •  Support military offers with live call center


  •  ROI with social impact
  •  Increased customer acquisition and retention
  •  Incremental new revenue
  •  Increased customer loyalty
  •  Deep customer affinity for your brand
  •  Strong reach with millennials & women
  •  High disposable income value shoppers
  •  Powerful network effect with Fortune 500 brands

Three Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1

We'll build a successful strategy for your military offer, marketing campaign and media.

Step 2

We’ll deliver creative for emails, landing pages, deals, and point of sale redemption.

Step 3

We'll work together to launch your military offer in our respective marketing channels.

We Help You Earn Their Loyalty

Marketing to your military customers requires attention to detail and flawless execution. To earn their loyalty, you’ll need to deliver marketing programs that speak to their unique needs and backgrounds. Our specialized marketing team helps you design and segment your military marketing program to communicate it effectively within the military community.

We are military marketing experts who believe in treating military customers with the care they deserve. Learn more by clicking here to request our white paper: Top 10 Military Marketing Mistakes.